Painting Instructions

1. Before you begin, prepare your workspace. Things you will need are water bowl, paper towels, and a paint pallet (paper plate).
 2. Plan out your design. You can lightly mark bisque surface with a pencil or WASHABLE marker. It will burn off in the firing process.
3. Start with your lightest color first. One coat of any color will be translucent, two coats will be show brush strokes, three coats will be solid coverage. Always let one coat dry before applying the next coat.  Make sure to rinse your brush with clean water when   switching colors.
 4.Once finished painting, allow the pieces to dry for 24 hours before wrapping them up returning them to Color Me Mine to be glazed and fired. Please include the white customer ticket when you return your package.
5. Refer to the picture of the color pallet when painting. Colors will look drastically different after your piece is fired in our kiln.
Call us with any questions: 630-778-1000
Tips & Tricks:
If you make a mistake and wish to remove some paint from your piece, use a damp sponge and wipe the paint off the piece before it dries. Be sure to apply thin layers of color, as heavy application may cause your piece to damage during the firing process.
PLEASE… Only use the paints we provide! DO NOT ADD acrylic, glitter, markers, or any other materials to your pottery Color Me Mine paints are non-toxic. They will not stain if spilled